Display acceleration disabled after effects что это
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Display acceleration disabled after effects что это

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How To Fix Display Acceleration Disabled In After Effects

To resolve the «Display Acceleration Disabled» issue in After Effects, synchronize your graphics drivers with After Effects updates and enable GPU acceleration within the software. Regularly clean up your system to optimize performance and consider rolling back to a previous version of After Effects if problems persist.

October 19, 2023
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After Effects Display Acceleration Disabled Meaning

When working in After Effects, you might occasionally encounter a notification saying «Display Acceleration Disabled». This essentially means that After Effects isn’t leveraging the full power of your graphics card, which can slow down your workflow. Let’s delve deeper into the causes and solutions.


1. Mismatch Between Graphics Drivers and After Effects Updates

Explanation:After Effects and your computer’s graphics drivers need to be in harmony for optimal performance. Think of it like a dance duo; if one partner changes their steps without informing the other, they’ll be out of sync. Similarly, if you update After Effects but not your graphics drivers (or vice versa), they might not work well together.

2. Outdated Graphics Card Driver

Explanation:Your graphics card driver is like the brain behind your graphics card. If it’s outdated, it might not recognize newer versions of After Effects, leading to the «Display Acceleration Disabled» message.

3. System Clutter

Explanation:Imagine your computer as a workspace. If it’s cluttered with unnecessary files, it becomes harder to work efficiently. Similarly, accumulated unwanted files on your computer can slow down After Effects.


1. Sync Graphics Drivers with After Effects Updates

Step-by-Step Procedure:a. Open After Effects: Start by launching After Effects. You’ll find its icon on your desktop or within your computer’s program list.b. Navigate to Help: On the top menu bar, you’ll see a «Help» option. Click on it.c. Check for Updates: Within the dropdown, there’s an option labeled «Check for Updates». Clicking this will let After Effects scan for any available updates.d. Update Graphics Drivers: Depending on your graphics card, you’ll have a specific application to update its drivers. For NVIDIA cards, it’s the GeForce Experience. Open the application, navigate to the «Drivers» tab, and click on «Download» to get the latest update.

It’s like ensuring both your phone’s software and its apps are updated. If one is outdated, they might not work seamlessly together.

2. Enable GPU Acceleration

Step-by-Step Procedure:a. Open After Effects: Launch the program from your desktop or program list.b. Navigate to File: On the top-left corner, you’ll see the «File» option. Click on it.c. Select Project Settings: A dropdown menu will appear. From there, select «Project Settings».d. Adjust Video Rendering Settings: In the window that pops up, ensure the «Video Rendering and Effects» option is set to «Mercury GPU Acceleration (CUDA)».

3. Clean Up Your System

Step-by-Step Procedure:a. Access Temporary Files: On your keyboard, press the Windows key + R. This will open the «Run» dialog. Type «%temp%» and press Enter.b. Delete Unwanted Files: A folder will open with many files. These are temporary files. Select all (Ctrl + A) and delete them. Some might not delete as they’re in use, which is normal.c. Empty Recycle Bin: Finally, right-click on your desktop’s Recycle Bin and select «Empty Recycle Bin».

Display acceleration disabled after effects что это

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Появилась ошибка display acceleration disabled. В программе ничего не изменилось, все работает, но появилась эта надпись

Подскажите, пожалуйста, как исправить эту ошибку в after effects?

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а это не ошибка, это просто предупреждение
Karen SУченик (99) 2 года назад
о чем предупреждение?

black_climber Искусственный Интеллект (192471) Karen S, о том что GPU ускорение не работает при предпросмотре скорее всего видеодрова надо обновить https://community.adobe.com/t5/after-effects/faq-how-to-fix-quot-display-acceleration-disabled-quot-in-after-effects/td-p/10992991?page=1

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..не чини то, что работает!
потом заколебаешься откатывать систему от новых дров, обновлений, особенно, если не умеешь этого делать.

Нажми на эту кнопочку и выбери «Выключить, конечное качество»

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Мы постоянно добавляем новый функционал в основной интерфейс проекта. К сожалению, старые браузеры не в состоянии качественно работать с современными программными продуктами. Для корректной работы используйте последние версии браузеров Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge или установите браузер Atom.

After Effects — How To Fix Display Acceleration Disabled

If you’re a creative professional working with Adobe After Effects, you know how frustrating it can be to encounter errors hindering your workflow. One common issue that many users face is «Display Acceleration Disabled.» This error occurs when After Effects fails to utilize your graphics card’s hardware acceleration, resulting in slower render times and decreased performance. But don’t worry; there are several ways to fix this problem and get back to creating stunning visual effects.

To start, we’ll dive into the basics of the error and why it occurs. Then, we’ll explore different methods for fixing the problem, including updating drivers, adjusting settings, and troubleshooting hardware issues. By the end of this article, you’ll clearly understand how to fix «Display Acceleration Disabled» in After Effects and improve your performance.

Enable GPU Acceleration

While using After Effects, navigate to File and select Project Settings. Ensure the Video Rendering and Effects option is set to Mercury GPU Acceleration (CUDA). This will allow After Effects to use your graphics card to process video and audio.

This will allow After Effects to make use of your graphics card to process video and audio.

Update Adobe After Effects

Ensure your After Effects application is up to date. Close After Effects and open up your Creative Cloud application. Under Updates, click on Update in case an update is available to you. This should only take a few minutes to complete.

Update After Effects.jpg

Update Graphics Card Driver

Ensure your graphics card driver is up to date. NVIDIA graphics cards can utilize the GeForce Experience application. Click here to download the application to your system. When the download is completed, open up the application, and in the Drivers tab, select Download. This will download and install the latest GPU update and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Update Operating System

To optimize your system for performance, you should ensure your operating system is up to date. Search for Update in your taskbar search. In your Check for updates system settings window, download the latest update and restart your PC after that the download is completed. This will in any case, help you with performance issues.

Delete the Windows Temporary Files

Your hard drive might be cluttered with unwanted files. These files will induce lag if not removed properly. You can delete your temporary files manually or use PC cleanup programs, such as CCleaner. These applications are usually the best choice as they automatically keep your hard drive clean. To manually delete your temporary files, enter %temp% in your taskbar search and hit enter. A new folder will open up in which you should delete everything.

Sometimes, this can take a few minutes if you haven’t done this before. Some files will most likely stay in your temp folder, as these are still in use by your programs. To completely delete these files, you should also empty your recycle bin.

Reinstall Adobe After Effects

As a last resort, we suggest uninstalling After Effects and reinstalling it, preferably on another drive. In your Creative Cloud application, under All Apps, click on this menu for After Effects and select Uninstall. After a minute or two, you will have the option to reinstall it.

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